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Open Source

Open‑source integrations

The SDK that powers WeaverFi is open‑source, allowing anyone to contribute support for new blockchains, protocols or track new tokens. Check out the SDK >

Complete privacy

This is not Web 2.0. Your data is maintained locally on your browser and there is no intrusive ads, trackers, or any database collecting user data.

Use on any device

As a progressive web app, you are able to use WeaverFi on any browser, or even download it as an app on your desktop or phone.

Open API

Take advantage of the easiest way to interact with the WeaverFi SDK. Check out the API >

Unrivaled scalability throughout the DeFi ecosystem

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View your wallet(s) balances all in one place.
Token Prices

Token Prices

See current and historical token prices.
NFT Portfolio

NFT Portfolio

View your entire NFT collection in all of its glory.
Gas Fees

Gas Fees

Keep track of gas fees on every blockchain.
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